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Terms & Conditions

Shipping Questions

SilVex is a company doing business out of the Middle East with hopes of expanding its resources throughout the world. At this time we are excluding the use of fraudulent credit card purchases by direct purchases. You can make payments by the following method.

Wire Transfer to Our Bank:

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We also accept Western Union Payments.

Send All Payments:

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We ship with DHL to all parts of the world. Most shipments will arrive within 5 to 7 days but please allow up to 10 days before contacting us.  When contacting us, give name, amount of purchase and date of purchase. We will at that time submit a follow up on your product. You may also wish to contact DHL with their online tracking service prior to contacting us.

Lost Shipments

If your shipment is lost, we will allow an allotted time and then we will resend your product. DHL does not deliver to P.O. Boxes so please submit a full address when making a purchase with us.


We guarantee our products from damage. If items are damaged promptly reseal the container and return to us for an exchange. We do not offer refunds so please make sure you order the right product. We will not be responsible for items that are not damaged.  All of our items are previewed prior to shipments and are in excellent condition.